Strategical Direct Investment

XMSIG directly invests, takes the lead or participates in corporate equity financing and mergers and acquisitions.

Investment Fund(Preparing)

Relying on professional semiconductor fund management companies, the focus is on non-manufacturing projects in the IC industry.

Project Incubation

Chip design

Chip design

Focus on supporting excellent chip design team

Wafer manufacturing

Wafer manufacturing

Industrial layout around product-oriented technology

Packaging and testing

Packaging and testing

Focusing on the layout of the advanced packaging industry chain, it will support the demand for downstream and carrier capacity after the expansion of China's large-scale production capacity.

Key application

Key application

Focus on meeting the needs of miniaturization, low power consumption and low cost. Terminal applications such as 5G, consumer, IOT, MEMS sensors, automotive, industrial and other markets driven by new business models.

Materials and equipment

Materials and equipment

Focus on the domestic industry chain of wafer manufacturing

Materials and equipment


Semiconductor non-mask lithography equipment and laser direct imaging equipment suppliers

Chip Design

EPIC MEMS(Xia men) Co.,Ltd

Development, operation and sales of advanced MEMS RF filter chip technology for 4G/5G mobile communications

SHIXIN Technology

SHIXIN committed to the design and sales of LED display large-screen driver chips, its products are more efficient and lower cost than similar products on the market.


PAI is a 32-bit MCU expert dedicated to industrial-grade, high-quality MCUs for home health, the Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, and smart society.


Focusing on advancing the art of communication acoustic,and providing business customers total solutions to capture voice from near/mid/far field sources, under all perceivable working scenarios.


IPGoal is dedicated to mixed signal IP development and design services.

Wafer Manufacturing

Packaging and Testing

Sky Semiconductor

3D Wafer Level System Packaging Platform for Featured Products Based on TSV/TGV Technology.


Panel level Fanout packaging for discrete components

Key Application


Leading company that provides semiconductor and electronic industry with intelligent manufacture solution.